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Free Language Identity and Power Dissertation Example

Language, Identity and Power Name Institution A language is a form of expression that is very vital in the day to day interaction of human beings within their niche. It forms a principle foundation of one’s identity (Nordquist, 2018). Language helps an individual to identify and align to those who share the same language with them. This paper will discuss the relationship between languaging and identity. The first step to tackle languaging and identity is to look at their definitions. Language is an advanced system of communication that applies grammatical rules and other norms that make it possible to utter sounds of words (Cran, 2005). It is a medium of communication between human beings. It entails makings similar sounds to pass the message to others who can decode what the particular sound means. Identity refers to distinct qualities and beliefs that a person that defines a person. It entails all the attributes ranging from personality, looks and their traits that make them unique from other individuals. Indexicality refers to a language feature that refers to the context in which an utterance occurs (Nordquist, 2018). It simply encompasses how a particular individual applies the use of a particular word to express a specific meaning. The meaning can get decoded even if the word has a synonym. Language shapes identity in that it enables one to express the unique traits that define them. The way one expresses themselves indexically helps to show their attributes. Their choice of diction and use of words helps serves as the attributes that help shape their identity. Social stereotyping of different groups significantly affects their languaging as they strive to display certain identities. A practical example is seen in the observation of Indian Americans (Cran, 2005). Social stereotyping assumes that all individuals with the Indian accent in their languaging quest must be selling something. The first impression one gets when interacting with them is t...
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