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Free Leadership: From theory to practice and self reflection Dissertation Example

Leadership: From Theory to Practice and Self-Reflection by (Name) The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The location The Date Leadership: From Theory to Practice and Self-Reflection Shwe Moung Mandalay Slippers Manufacturer has been persistent with traditional sandals and slippers for a long time. Its reliability and efficient reputation have earned it the trust of the persistent buyers over the years. The company has several branches in the country, with the Myanmar branch being the second largest. It majors in sandals and slippers production and distribution. Most of the work depends on human labor. Being a manager for the company, whose work relies on human force, demands for commitment, dedication, hard work and the proper leadership skills. Leading a portion of 120 laborers at a young age of 26, Alvin inspires to proceed with my leadership career. His service has recorded significant progress in the last four years. What are the unique qualities he has that can apply in my profession? Observation The immeasurable leadership traits in Allan have been persistent since our childhood days. Since we first met, Allan has been a trustworthy friend. He was so open that unlike other friends at that time, he gained so much trust from the neighborhood that he would be assigned chores that the rest of us were denied. Besides being trustworthy, he has always been influential. He had convinced me on several occasions to buy his ideas during times when we were undecided about important decisions. Besides mere convincing, he made me understand why I had to take the decisions he had analyzed. Being trustworthy among the members of our community earned him the chance to represent our youth groups across various competitions. He was elected as the operations controller of the committee. Unfortunately, he lost both his parents in a road accident but was luckily adopted by a well-wisher who had noted him since childhood. T...
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