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Free Learning Preference VARK Dissertation Example

Name Professor’s Name Course Date There is no single best way to better learning, every learner learns differently, and owing to this reason, the best way to learn is to maximize on one’s strengths. I tend to believe that I am a visual learner. In many of my lectures, especially science and math, I usually perform better with videos, demonstrations, charts and other visual material. This was noticed and put into consideration after a decisive reflection of incidents assisted by the utilization of a learning log that I used to keep track of how I managed my learning. Deliberately and consciously, I took time out to put my performance into focus throughout the course; as the emphasis of this essay is. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate thoughts that led to particular outcomes, actions and learned lessons from the experience for the purpose of being well informed and equipped with learning skills; repeated mistakes could be avoided and weaknesses developed. MY VARK score was as follows “Visual 10, Aural 9, Read/Write 4, Kinesthetic 9”. Multi-modal encompasses all the various styles of learning, and the greater part of the populace is in this group. When this is compared to other groups, the “multi-modal” group at times may feel upset since there is no special area that the group excels. They are often joined with larger groups, not acknowledged or recognized by any other persons or teachers. More often educators are at a loss with these groups of learners (Ictenbas and Eryilmaz 346). After taking the VAK survey, it was revealed that Visual learning is my preferred style for learning and thereon my goal was to put the focus on visual aids as the main learning source for the purpose of maximizing my educational experience. Nonetheless, to avoid being carried away with the model, it is not hard to point out the fact that all the learning styles within “VAK” are needed for successful learning in the “pursuit of knowledge and experience” as...
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