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Free Managing Behaviors and Incorporating Technology Dissertation Example

Managing Behaviors and Incorporating Technology Classroom Management, Engagement and Motivation A. Student’s behavior I will deal with Joey a student scenario 1. The student’s behavior includes talking loudly and off topic and also talking out of turn. Joey seems to speak when no one has permitted him to do so. The student can answer a teacher’s question when the teacher has not asked them for an answer. Joey’s behavior means that she can talk loudly to other students who interrupt learning. When Joey does this, other students also raise their volume which affects concentration. It is difficult to teach in such an environment where there is no order or tranquility. A teacher must address the situation to regain control and quiet the students down so that learning can continue. A lot of time is wasted when trying to bring about quietness and order in the classroom, which is frustrating to the teacher as well as other students who are struggling to learn. B. Antecedent Joey talks out of turn when he thinks he knows the answer to a question being asked. He is not always right when he answers questions. Joey does not take time to think, and that is why he answers without authority. He raises his voice so that all students and the teacher can know that he has the answer to questions. I also think he is an attention seeker who tries to get the attention of everyone by raising his voice and saying something (Vannatta, Beyerbach & Walsh, 2001). C. Instructional intervention I would make him a peer tutor so that he can have the chance to speak in front of other students. This instructional intervention would limit this behavior since he will have some responsibilities, he will have to perform. He will need to explain what he knows to the rest of the class when a topic is being introduced so that he can speak less for the rest of the lesson. He will also have the role of teaching peers regarding a problem, he understands well to utilize his t...
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