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Maternal Health Problems Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Maternal Health Problems Maternal health can be defined as the health status of women when they are pregnant, after conceiving and during the postpartum period. During this time, women’s body is prone to diseases, a factor that greatly compromises their wellness and therefore psychological state ( Say, Souza & Pattinson, 2009). The main causes of these problems include obstruction labor, hemorrhage, unsafe abortion, infection, fever, high blood pressure among others. These issues have been reported to be crucial in women since they increase their morbidity as well as mortality rates (Chakraborty et al., 2003). Per se, the suffering that a large percentage of women undergo during and after pregnancy make them changes their attitude toward getting pregnant or rather marriage. Women suffer psychologically when pregnant. The various conditions that they develop make the pregnancy life to be unbearable. Notably, the positive attitude and expectation towards the unborn baby fade away during pregnancy. A woman gets moody due to hormonal changes a factor that affects their relationship with other people (Rosato et al., 2006). Since at this time, men are still leading their normal lives: working, as usual, learning as usual and executing all their activities without problems, Research has it that women develop hatred towards men. Most women, especially those who are employed perceive this as unfair. Many have pursued education just like men and therefore regret having gotten pregnancy. They take pregnancy as involving and therefore a waste of time. Reportedly, women claim that the ever-widening wage gap will still increase in size (Yonkers et al., 2001). The reason is that when men are working, they take maternity leave and take- time off the job. During this time, men grow professionally, and this increases their chances of being promoted. In turn, after their...
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