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Memo Addressing the Meeting and Emphasizing the Disappointment in the Way People Interacted Student’s Name University Abstract The purpose of this memo is to address the meeting with employees and highlight the disappointment during the session as the manager. The meeting was disappointing because the people involved were texting, asking questions that were already responded to, interrupting one another, and showing every poor listening habit that one can imagine. Consequently, this memo addresses these issues and reveals to the employees the value of effective listening and steps they can take to be better listeners in the future meetings. The memo confirms that effective listening is important in that it expands the capability and knowledge of employees. Effective listening is also associated with the strengthening of successful discussion in which all instructions and reports shared are addressed as intended. Similarly, showing effective listening prevents interpersonal disagreements. Thus, employees should take the available steps to improve their listening skills to achieve the related benefits. Some of the steps include avoiding interruption when the speaker is talking, keeping eye contact, and maintain an open mind. Memo Addressing the Meeting and Emphasizing the Disappointment in the Way People Interacted TO: Employees FROM: Manager DATE: March 04, 2018 SUBJECT: Importance of Effective Listening and Steps Employees Should Take to Be Better Listeners Importance of Effective Listening Effective listening is of great importance to the employees, managers, as well as the organization as a whole. Effective listening expands knowledge and capacity. The skills make a worker more capable and competent, irrespective of the rank in the organization (Brownell, 2015). Effective listening also strengthens successful conversation. The skills enable a worker to be a better team player. Effective listening further minimizes chances of interpersonal dispu...
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