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Five-Year Professional Development Plan (Nurse-Midwife) Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Nursing is one of the most spectacular and popular career globally. As of 2017, the WHO released the composition of the global healthcare workforce; which revealed that nurses and midwives make up for about three-quarter of the total workforce. This account translates into about 35 million midwives and nurses globally. Nurses and midwives play a critical role in delivering both primary care and acute care. Moreover, in a constrained set of healthcare professionals, nurses and midwives can serve in community care. Nurses are required to obtain both professional qualifications as well as acquire the standard practice requirements that guide their levels of performance. As such, to maintain the vast and recommendable history of service to the public, nurses and midwives are expected to be competent in their practice, hence, ensure that they provide safe and ethical care. Additionally, as of 2014, the BLS indicated that midwifery is a potential career that is on the rise. Since my childhood days, I have always admired the nursing profession. As a pre-schooler, I had an admiration for the dressing code of a nurse. I really have a passion for taking care of persons that are in pain or cannot help themselves. Furthermore, as a single mother, I will like to be part of the team that brings life in a delivery room. In this paper, I will outline my five-year plan on how to achieve professional and practice qualifications to become a certified nurse-midwife. My Experience as a Single Mother Research has revealed that there is a strained relationship between persons who are single mothers and also students. These studies have been conducted with the aim of finding out how single mothers cope up with motherhood, the experience of being a student, and how the two responsibilities interact simultaneously. Although there is limited literature covering the struggles of single...
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