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Free My Dream Company Google Dissertation Example

Student’s name Professor Course number Date My Dream Company The place that I have always been dreaming of ending up at is called Google. This company is among top ten most wanted and desirable workplaces to work at. Google offers plenty of opportunities for innovations and open-minded thinking in addition to other perks, such as state-of-art office, unlimited and easy access to food, massage, video games, etc. Although it is obvious that HR department at Google is looking for specialists that know how to code, there is a specific set of communication skills that a candidate has to possess in order to become one of the few luckiest 4,000 employees getting selected annually to work at Google out of 2 million applications. First of all, a potential employee has to recognize and respect diversity as the communication among employees goes across the multiple Google offices scattered along the globe. Second of all, a professional has to be comfortable with ambiguity as creating innovative technology always presupposes work withing unfamiliar environment. Third of all, Google is looking for emergent leaders that know both when to step in when the problem arises and step out once the issue is resolved. Fourth of all, work at this company requires the skill of deep learning, asking and assisting the colleagues, and sharing acquired knowledge to let everyone benefit from the notions that were just learned or discovered by the peers. A fifth of all, an employee at Google has to be able to step into different roles depending on the project and be flexible with the roles and responsibilities he or she has to execute at the moment. Finally, a candidate has to possess an intellectual humility as it is hard to learn something unless you acknowledge that you might be wrong and can accept this fact easily. All in all, my dream company does not require any specific expertise in a narrow niche. In contrast, it is looking for highly flexible and open-minded people with a more ...
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