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Free Needs Assessment: Action Plan Dissertation Example

Needs Assessment Action Plan Name Institutional Affiliation Needs Assessment Action Plan Data analysis methods provide a feasible mechanism upon which better understanding of the details collected can be understood. The analysis method is dependent on a variety of factors including the instruments used to collect the data as well as the survey process utilized. The survey includes several forms of data including statistical details, comparable data and even descriptive. The relevance of scientific data can only be realized when experts conduct analysis on the information collected to yield particular outcomes out of it (Meeker & Escobar, 2014). Thus, the nature of the needs assessment analysis implies that using a mixed method approach will offer superior outcomes. Two basic analyses methods would be used depending on the methodology employed. Firstly, a descriptive approach would be followed by qualitative research design. Descriptions help give accurate information regarding the situation the needs assessment and thus the requirements of the people (Cooper, Lancaster, Gichuru & Peak, 2018). Descriptive analyses can be represented using tables and graphs. Alternatively, even observations and pictures to back them up may also be used. Statistical data analysis may demand the use of quantitative techniques to analyze. Regression models would be used for identifying the relationship between explanatory and dependent variables, normally charted on scatterplots (Meeker & Escobar, 2014). The regression analysis is a feasible mechanism for identifying whether the needs assessment draws relevant details, which indicate the health requirements of the society. Data analyses methods draw their relevance from the methodologies used in collecting them. However, the use of the mixed method approach suggested above provides a viable method to address the weaknesses of one method and thus complement the other. The strategies in use for the analysis method m...
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