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Name Tutor Course Date Negotiation skills Presentation Regarding Personal Development Behaviour Change The workshop was an imperative contributor to my skills as a negotiator and has fundamentally influenced my perception of life. The interaction with facilitators and other stakeholders has transformed how I engage with peers, superiors and has enabled me to engage in more formal negotiations. In this light, the workshop helped me to become more aware of the impact I have on other people and how to handle different personalities. It also enabled me to understand and identify the elements that drive my counterpart’s opinions and positions, helping me to develop strategies that assist me in influencing and negotiating. Besides helping to realize my strengths and weaknesses, I have gained critical insights on the different strategies used in negotiations. Subsequently, I can analyze a situation and use my capabilities in line with different approaches to attain success. I am more positive and confident that I can influence and negotiate appropriately. The knowledge about the different negotiating styles has also been important because I now know how to respond to them. Rather, it is difficult that another negotiator can compromise my success. One of the fundamental achievements have had through the workshop is increased efficiency in communication within and outside the organization. There is no doubt that the communicative process is a key factor to consider in how one engages in negotiation, as well as how to respond to challenges that emerge during negotiations and after negotiations (Lunenburg 1). The workshop experience was constructive in enabling me to identify how I can build healthy relationships within and outside the organization. I feel that it has made me more of a leader than a manager, due to the skills I have gained that can help me to influence rather than manage others. Additionally, it offered me insights that can facilitate management of...
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