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Free Occupational Safety and Health Administration Dissertation Example

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency in the US government under the Department of Labor, incepted in 1971. It has the responsibility to ensure that the working environments are safe for every employee through prevention of work-related injuries or deaths (Brauer 13). Prevention of such cases is enforced through legislations that provide guidelines and training on achieving a healthy working environment. Employers are therefore required by law to provide safe working environments in compliance with the laws set out by OSHA. OSHA has a number of laws outlined that need to be followed by every employer to prevent hazards. One of the laws outlines is the fall protection codes applicable mostly to people in the construction industry. The code is meant to establish standards for equipment and components used to guard workers in elevated positions. It integrates protection of the whole body to prevent/ stop falling. They are meant to prevent or stop falls and are categorized into 3. The first is the restrain systems meant to prevent the occurrence of a fall, arrest systems that are used to stop people after they fall and positioning device structures that keep people in position to prevent falling (Zhang et al 35). Fall protections are also in different forms like equipment worn by employees working in high places, guardrails installed in areas above 4 feet among others. Under general 4 foot fall, platforms or runways that are above the ground with more than 4 feet should have railings installed around them. When employees are exposed to falls in long shore and excavation activities, guardrails should be installed. On the other hand, electrical workers working at elevated positions should have gears for fall arrest or travel restriction tools. In construction, workers exposed to falling hazards should have either fall restrains like safety belts, devices for system positioning like vertical wells or fall arrest l...
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