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Free Oversight Hearing on Mexican border Dissertation Example

Oversight Hearing on the Mexican Border Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Oversight Hearing on the Mexican Border Security is a critical aspect of any country across the world. Many nations are currently dealing with security threats as a result of radicalization, insurgency, and other terrorist activities. Consequently, countries affected by the insecurity threats are devising stringent measures to curb the criminal activities within their boundaries by preventing unauthorized persons from entering their countries. This report discusses and gives details of the meeting of the hearing of oversight committee on their meeting that was held to discuss issues about securing America’s Mexican border which has been established as an inlet for illegal immigrants and narcotic drugs which promote acts on terrorism within the United States of America. Deliberations on Securing the U.S. Border The house oversight committee hearing on the border security wall between the United States of America and Mexico was held in April 2017, and it was chaired by Mr. Desantis. In attendance at this meeting were the victims of the acts of terrorism that had resulted from criminal activities perpetrated by the illegal immigrants who had entered into the U.S. across the Mexican border together with other experts who came to testify. The victims were at the meeting to give an account of what transpired and how they lost their loved ones in these terrorist activities. The meeting was started off by the chairperson who gave a brief account of the state of U.S. Mexican border. The Chairperson highlighted the various incidences of insecurity caused by the porous Mexican border and the laxity of the security police to prevent entry of illegal immigrants (“Live on-air News,” 2017). In his statement, the chairman pointed the various proposals that have been put across for the design and building up of the wall on the border between U.S. and Mexico. The statement highlighted t...
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