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Free Photography after World War II Dissertation Example

First Name Surname Instructor Course Date Outline for History of Photography Class CHAPTER 6 A. Photography after World War II a. Rolleiflex 1. Early photography a. Clumsy procedures in early photography – the early photography encountered a lot of time wastage in making exposures such as covering the lens, placement of a film or plate holder, removal of the light-capping slide, moving the lever and allowing the whole contraption to finish wobbling. 2. Two eyes better than one a.Works of Heidecke – he established a partnership with Paul Franke to advance the popularity of the Rolleiflex camera through adjustment of rapid focusing and silent operation. b. Japan Reconstructs 1. Love-hate Relationship a.The works of Toshihiro Hosoe – he produced work such as “An American girl in Tokyo” and “Otoko to Onna” that depicted the lives of Americans and the Japanese. b.Avant-garde concept – Hosoe collaborated with Tatsumi Hijikata and Yukio Mishima to demonstrate the anti-Western modes of expression. 2. The legacy of occupation a. Works of David Muriyama – he utilized the point-and-shoot cameras that were less expensive to produce blurred images. b. Work of Miyako Isiuchi – she demonstrated the dark and gritty monochrome tones that embraced heavy black and sharp contrasts of the images. c. Cult of celebrity 1. Predatory photographers a. Works of Tazio Secchiaroli – he participated in films and research activities through the recount of the tales of his exploits and following celebrities. b. The assault photography – Secchiaroli took surprise photographs of celebrities including the indiscreet King Farouk of Egypt engaging in unfaithful affairs. 2. Growing Unpopularity a. Works of Pascal Rostein – he partnered with Bruno Mouron to use small lenses and flash to take photographs. b. Compromising images – the photographers redirected their attention to the photographs based on scandals to appeal to the media stations and ear...
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