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Student Name Professor Name Subject Date Picturing Rights – Community Voices in Kachin State Picturing Rights – Community Voices in Kachin State, is a project conducted by PhotoVoice in partnership with Trócaire. The primary aim of this project was to encourage the mobilization of minorities so that they may support their rights. The overall vision of the project was to act as a support for the development of a democratic and inclusive Myanmar (Wright). PhotoVoice aimed at developing a story of change under this project. For this purpose, the selected people from the community attended lessons and training sessions on photography and cameras. Over the period of next five years, these local monitors will evaluate the project and depict their experiences with the use of photography (Wright). One of the most intriguing parts of this initiative is the fact that people from the community were chosen to evaluate the initiatives aimed at making Myanmar democratic and inclusive. This added to the overall skill base of the locality and increased the changes of fair evaluation. Apart from that, depicting feedback through pictures is also a commendable initiative, as evident differences and proof of improvement can be given visually through the use of new and old photographs. The project above is action research as it involved a team of people who inspected and evaluated a process of problem-solving initiated within Myanmar. One of the key aspects of action research is it either proposes solutions to an immediate problem or reflects upon the processes adopted to solve a problem (McNiff). The Ethnographic research aims at assessing cultures and societies from the people who reside therein. Photographs can be an exceptional way of doing that, as they allow the researchers and the readers to a have a glimpse into the culture and societies in their very natural form. These can also act as a direct link to the practices and culture that prevail in a society. Also, ...
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