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Process recording Name: Institutional Affiliation: Interviewer (record keeper at SCO family of services) Interviewee/Ms Sherika Knight (Ketaly Witters’s mother) Identify communication technique Analysis Tell me about your child and family Tell me about your family routines (adjusting on the seat) Does your child normally experience a rich environment? Do you promote a literacy environment at home? Positive discipline Both my husband and I chose the kid’s name. At the home, Ketaly lives with the parents, uncle and aunt. Ketaly interacts with her cousin Kaliy in particular. I am happy with the way she is catching up in school and other things quickly. My favorite thing about my daughter is the way she always wants to interact with numbers. Normally, Ketaly does not get challenges for school. Her father picks her up sometimes and take her to the museum park After picking the child from school, she normally play with her toys and when I switch off the TV, she understands it is time to sleep. By 8:30 pm, Sophia is in bed. She experiences a rich environment with weekend visits to friends and museums. She watches TV for 4-to-5 hours every weekend. There are also limits to everything that Ketaly can watch. I do not have a cool culture card but I plan to get one. I have a bookcase for the girl to be reading for about three times every week. Reading is not consistent. I also have a library card for borrowing books from the library. The general culture everyday is about singing and playing for her. When Ketaly does a mistake, I tell her to stop. I keep insisting to make her stop. I sometimes take away her toys to make her behave herself. Providing information. Asking questions that begins with normal activities. The interviewer wants to listen actively. Asking a relevant question that relates to the child. Active listening continues. Beginning the conversation in that manner prepares her for the interview. Positioni...
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