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Name Instructor Other/ English 11 March 2018 Poverty Poverty is a state of shortage of resources to sufficiently deal with the most basic of needs that the individual has. Unlike other countries such as India which in most cases face huge starvation due to shortage or lack of food, poverty in the US is about the lack of security and basic requirements and the ability of the citizens to settle their bills. There have been deliberate efforts all over the world by governments as well as organizations such as the World Bank to curb the levels of poverty. CAUSES OF POVERTY IN THE US Poverty in the US is brought about by different factors ranging from individual factors such as lack of education, drug and substance abuse, to more general factors such as high medical charges, an increased gap between the lower class and upper class as well as the high costs of housing. These causes are explained below. Inadequate education. The lower-class citizens cannot afford a quality education. They take their children to schools with poor learning facilities. The poor education condemns these children and their respective families to poverty, hence maintaining the vicious cycle of poverty. The lack of education makes these people to only can get jobs that pay poorly, hence outing them and their families into poverty. Unemployment. The high competition for the few available jobs and the general scarcity of jobs makes it even harder for the unemployed to find jobs, making the concerned individuals poorer as well as their families resulting in homelessness. In addition, some companies prefer to relocate, shut down, or to lay off some workers. Wide Gap between the Individual’s Income and Cost of Housing. The wide gap is brought about by the fact that the income growth for the Americans earning the least over the years has not been at the same pace as the rise in the value of homes and rental houses. Data from the last two decades confirm that income by the lowest earning...
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