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Student’s Name Professor’s name Course Date Poverty in California General Societal Notion towards the Poor and Living in Poverty In the USA, the poor is a phrase majorly associated with the homeless people and all that surrounds their situation. Living in poverty is thus a term that describes a condition of need that no one wants to be in. Most people associate the poor with laziness, ignorance and a lack of drive to work harder. Mannerisms that are associated with the poor include homelessness, begging on the streets, robbery along the roads, eating from food leftovers in bins, emaciated health accompanied with frowns and general looks of unhappiness or stress. Poverty in Santa Clara County According to the California Poverty Rates by County, Santa Clara has a CPM rate of 16.2%. The data also places a household threshold of $35,178, below which a family of four that live in a rented house would be considered to be living in poverty ("California Poverty Rates by County, 2013-2015"). To start with, I noted that the poverty level in my county is among the three highest in California which has 58 counties. The top 3 ranking has come as a massive surprise to me as I have not considered that I have been living among some of the most impoverished persons in my state. I have been working with homeless people and lending a hand to them to see their lives improve while appreciating the little blessings in life that make me different from them, however, I never imagined that Santa Clara is one of the counties with acute poverty on a scale against other counties in California. The poverty threshold in Santa Clara County also came in as a shocker since the figure represents quite a tremendous amount of money. It got me thinking that probably the USA has set too high standards of what is considered a healthy living out of poverty. I would imagine that a poor family would not even afford half of the threshold figure. This threshold was parallel with the poverty ...
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