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Free Probability and statistics Dissertation Example

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Mathematics 28th February 2018 Does age and gender influence height of an individual till adolescence? Introduction Both descriptive and inferential statistics play a major role in interpreting and analyzing research questions. Statistics is the science of collecting, representing, and analyzing data. Descriptive statistics refer to those statistics that are used to describe or define a given dataset. Descriptive statistics are also used to assess the distribution of a given sample. For example, the position of mean, median, and mode in a sampling distribution represent whether such sample is skewed or follows a normal distribution. Descriptive statistics include statistics of location and statistics of dispersion. The major statistics of location include mean, median, and mode while the major statistics of dispersion include standard deviation and standard error. Apart from defining a sampling distribution, descriptive statistics are also used to conduct different statistical tests of inference. Statistical tests of inference are those tests that are either used to compare or predict data between two or more variables. Some major inferential statistics include t-tests, chi-square tests, regression analysis and ANOVA. All statistical tests of inference are interpreted at a chosen level of significance. Under most circumstances, a statistical test of inference is interpreted at the 0.05 level of significance. Probability values beyond the chosen level of significance reflect that any observation has occurred due to chance factors associated with random sampling. Hence, sampling is a key step in planning study design and framing research questions. The type of sampling strongly influences the validity and reliability of the findings of any study. Statistical sampling is broadly subdivided into two categories, probability sampling and non-probability sampling. Probability sampling is that s...
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