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Name Professor Course Date Problem Solving Problems provide opportunities for improving the quality of service delivery, producing better outcomes, and ensuring better living standards in the society. Therefore, in order to obtain a viable solution, it is vital to analyze the nature of the problem critically. Clarifying a problem involves gathering necessary information that is available and using it to propose possible solutions (Shier 365). Information collected may include facts, inferences, speculation, and opinions, all these types of data are essential in the problem-solving process. In this light, working as a group during problem solving can be very productive, this is because most challenges that people face in the society may be the same ones that the members of the group face. It, therefore, turns out that everybody is part of the solution. A collaborative process is advantageous in many ways; first, it enhances the ability of the group to solve various problems and better decision making. This is due to the fact that working with a group of people makes the problem-solving process more manageable. Collaborative decision-making promotes synergy based on the idea that a whole is better parts put together. When people come together and solve a problem collectively, it is possible that the proposed solutions are keener than when an individual does it alone (Shier 366). Through participation in discussions and questioning, members of a group are able to identify more viable and robust solutions towards a particular problem. Additionally, information sharing among members of a group is another advantage of collecting problem-solving. Group decisions incorporate a wider scope of facts since every group member contributes distinct information and knowledge. Sharing of information enhances understanding, clarity and facilitates collective decision-making. More so, involving other team members in problem-solving increases satisfaction in the sense that so...
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