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Process recording Name: Institutional Affiliation: Interviewer (record keeper at SCO family of services) Interviewee (Sophia Andrades’ mother) Identify communication technique Analysis Tell me about your child and family Tell me about your family routines Does your child normally experience a rich environment? Do you promote a literacy environment at home? Positive discipline I chose Sophia’s name since it means a princess name. At the home, Sophia lives with the father, sibling, uncle and I. The girl can comfortably interact with her cousins outside the home. My favorite thing about Sophia is on her imagination and the ability to use it for dancing. I am proudest with the Sophia’s yearn to constant learning. She is adventurous and constantly engaging in new activities, which leaves me happy. I would like Sophia to learn while interacting with kids of her age. She normally does not get challenges to get to school. There are usually busy pick-ups after school. We normally clean the house after picking her from school. Sometimes, we go for shopping after pick-ups. Sophia usually goes to bed by 8:30 pm. The girl’s normal routine involves general hygiene changing clothes, reading, and sleeping. I usually play flip-flop game with the children. The kids normally visit parks to ride their bicycles under my supervision. We also have a family outing every weekend. Sophia watches TV for 2 hours every day. I usually restrict the shows that she watches every day. We generally, do not have any cool cultures at home but I would like to apply it. I promote a living culture by ensuring books are available in a shelf in the room. I also read to Sophia on a daily basis even though the reading is not restricted to bedtime. I plan to acquire a library card. There a number of rules at home to guide the children. Hygiene comes first. The children also understand that there should be no fighting among them. Sophia and her brother kn...
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