Procurement and sourcing on Dasani Drinking water Dissertation Example

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Free Procurement and sourcing on Dasani Drinking water Dissertation Example

Procurement and Sourcing of Dasani Drinking Water Name Code Name Professor Name University Name City, State Date Procurement Related Activities and Process in the Supply Chain Supply chain management is normally vital in the business world. In entails sourcing and procurement-related activities. Dasani is an example of a brand that entails various logistics in the supply chain that help minimize overall cost by improving the efficiency of procedures and operation. Dasani is available in over 34 countries worldwide including Canada, Kenya, Colombia and Egypt among other countries. Water for manufacturing this product is obtained from certain protected groundwater sources that are managed by bottling plants with approvals from local authorities. In other words, the water is sourced from local water municipalities or springs (Mokhov and Ryabukhin, 2018, p.68). For instance, East Africa Bottling sources water from three boreholes for the production of bottled water as well as soft drinks. The company purchases preforms either locally or internationally depending on where it is carrying out production of bottled water. Similarly, a local company may be contracted to manufacture the preforms. The procurement process is normally characterized by first defining what is needed for production. The next step involves identifying the item and suppliers then negotiating the terms. The right items for Dasani are normally the main ingredients used in the production of bottled water which is water and plastics. While carrying out the procurement process, the company employs material requirement planning systems which help in the production planning and inventory control. The brand purchases concentrate from TCCC and also other licensors to manufacture mineral waters, PET, plastic bottles and other packaging materials (Emisar, 2017, N.p). TCCC provides that the authorized containers, cases, labels and other packages have to be purchased from “the manufacturers” appr...
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