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Analysis of the Presentation on Product Development Student’s Name Institution Introduction Product development is based on the several types of research and the test of the new drugs in the market and the responsiveness of customers. Currently, the company has little option for the customers over 50 years most of them having health issues related to lifestyle. Valerie Harper is at the helm of research and development of new drugs with a high market target has discovered this problem. Therefore, in response, Valerie has done research and wants to prepare the presentation of the new products to be adopted. The two new products to be developed are protein bars and hibiscus tea targeting baby boomers. Step 1. The focus has turned on the nutraceutical and supplement industry that has found to providing clinical nutrition for various health issues (Suleria, Osborne, Masci, & Gobe, 2015). Those who consume the nutraceutical and supplement products experience natural diet and whole food. Despite the industry facing some integrity issues, a majority of the biochemistry companies are involved in transparency in the whole issue. The research on the nutraceutical and supplement industry best clinically substantiates the decision by Valerie to develop the two products. As Valerie notes, the drug development for the demographics of customers over 50 years needs to focus on the supplement products and vitamins (Suleria, Osborne, Masci, & Gobe, 2015). Based on the research she carried out, this group of individuals above 50 years is in danger of developing health issues related to high blood pressure, diabetes, and dementia. The research, however, indicates that nutraceutical and supplement products like hibiscus tea can reduce blood pressure. Protein bar has been found to preventing dementia by further protecting the functioning of the brain (Fischer, Stoger, Schillberg, Christou, & Twyman, 2004). This is then evident that with the inclusion of the two prod...
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