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Free Prospect and quality Dissertation Example

Prospect and quality The potential customer is Cleveland that was recently established as from the adverts we have seen around town asking people to register for free. A look at the company’s website shows that they are sourcing for suppliers of golf equipment. That answers the question of whether they will be interested in our products. Additionally, we barely have local competitors, so we have a higher chance of securing the job. If they agree to become long-term partners, we will be able to get maximum profits since purchases will be frequent. Their accounting books sourced online shows that our pricing is a little higher than what their budget. Additionally, they barely have any credit hence they will be able to get capital on loan if they run short of money to purchase our equipment. Pre-approach From the company’s website, we gathered that they are interested in personalized golf equipment. It includes designing them with the user’s names and colors. This service is similar to what was provided by the previous company they had purchased from but quality issues led to its termination. These align with what we are currently offering. What I gathered is that, if they get a good quality supplier, they will maintain a long-term relationship with them. Approach The first thing to do is make a call to the new golf club to find out if they are still interested in purchasing the golf equipment. If yes, the marketing team will organize a follow-up meeting for further negotiation. A breakfast meeting at a 3-star hotel is vital to make the first impression. Our top marketers will represent u; two will work. Appropriate grooming is encouraged, crazy hairstyles and creased clothes should be highly discouraged. They should be as professional as possible in how they talk and articulate their points. What they need to do is present our product to the client then find out whether what we are offering matches their needs. Sales presentation Before the me...
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