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Free Psalm 1 analysis Dissertation Example

PSALMS 1 Name Subject Date Psalms 1 Introduction Psalms 1 is a scripture that is based on the aspect of uprightness and wickedness among people. The scripture provides a clear description of the paths followed by the righteous as well as the wicked. The dominant theme in Psalms is righteousness and the rewards associated with it. The Psalmist seeks to enumerate the various behavior that leads to righteousness. Also, the scriptures state categorically what makes a person unclean and hence wicked. According to Psalms 1, certain activities are not expected along the path of the righteous such as sitting with sinners. Similarly, the path of the wicked is characterized by the failure to observe the teachings of the scriptures. Literal Analysis Psalms 1 start by stating the aspects that make a person be blessed. The issues include staying away from people who are ungodly, sinners, and the scornful. The written statement indicates that those who embrace such characters cannot attract blessings from the divine God. Also, the scriptures prohibit any association with those who offend God and discourages sitting with them, standing in their way or being part of their counsel. Delight is used to represent happiness, contentment, and satisfaction. The scriptures show that reading scriptures brings delight to the reader. Besides, there is an emphasis on practicing what the scriptures state. Not only are people required to read the scriptures to be happy or delighted, but also do what is prescribed to receive blessings. The scriptures on righteousness are expounded to show the benefits of embracing them. Besides stating that the righteous will be blessed and delighted, the scriptures mention that such a person will lack nothing. The way a river flows and takes shape, the life of a righteous person gets channeled on the right path by the scriptures. Use of Figurative Language As an emphasis, a river is metaphorically used in Psalms 1. The river is a metaphor for a r...
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