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Name Professor Course Date Renewable sources of energy After being out of high school for some years since 2015, there are some things I have found to be right in this world. There are things that I have observed keenly and found one of them worth celebrating. One thing that fascinates me is the increased use of renewable sources of energy. While in school, I was impressed by minor things such as dancing and performing track events. After high school, I was usually carried over by college education, job, and personal upkeep activities. But in recent past, the view has changed, and after much reflection, I have come to see the goodness in using renewable energy. The amount of renewable energy in use has increased tremendously for the last one decade. Many countries in the world are moving from fossil energy to green energy especially solar energy (Panwar, 1515). Over the last decade, solar energy production increased by 25% worldwide representing over 143 gigawatts of power produced. To me as a young person, this is the direction the world needs to follow. Fossil fuel energy has been the significant pollutant in the world. The reason is that the fossils produce harmful gases that destroy the ozone layer (Panwar, 1517). When the ozone is damaged, other disasters strike humankind like the greenhouse effect, global warming, and skin diseases. I have a huge role in making the world a better place. One is through embracing green technology or renewable energy. I have to ensure that I consume green energy and shun nonrenewable energy (Panwar, 1520). I can just do this through using solar power in my home to run my electrical appliances. I will also purchase an electric car instead of using the diesel one. The electric vehicle will help in reducing the emission of dangerous gases in the atmosphere. I will also reduce the times I use my car as a measure to curb pollution. Instead of going with my car, I can walk or board a public means of transport. Another role...
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