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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date RICKERS An American Jail Question 5 I learned that the American jail system operates like machinery which is designed to churn humans. Some of the prisons built under the system are only allowed to incarcerate people and not give them a chance to explore their abilities. Several millions of people are locked away every year from sight and social life ("Synopsis – RIKERS – A Documentary Film"). After going through all that, they get used, and it takes a lot of time to move from such a life to a new one. The feelings, emotions, and experiences are left tormenting a person. Somehow, the criminals deserve that, but the authority should also consider them as human beings. Another lesson learnt is that mass incarceration is a dangerous threat to the democracy. Fair governance entails treating all the people equally but segregating a certain group jeopardizes and taints democracy. Despite the situation sending chills down the spine of anyone plotting to commit a criminal offense, the insight above provides several ideas to me. Some of the prisons offer education to their inmates helping them pursue what they like most. Prisoners should be rehabilitation centers where inmates are helped to align their behaviors and to abide by the laws. Some prisoners are very smart though wicked and making use of such people will ensure that their knowledge does not go untapped and will help the nation in diverse ways. From the film, not everyone in prison is a criminal, and that changed my viewpoint ("Synopsis – RIKERS – A Documentary Film"). I now take consideration of my assumptions and not just call every prisoner a criminal without knowing what made him or her get be incarcerated. It has evoked a feeling in me of conducting a campaign that will make the prisons more humane to the prisoners and fairer regarding how they are treated. Works Cited“Synopsis – RIKERS – A Documentary Film". RIKERS, 2017, http:/...
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