Seven Grandfather Teachings by Aaron Paquette Dissertation Example

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Free Seven Grandfather Teachings by Aaron Paquette Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Visual Analysis 1.3 Visual ANALYSIS (PLANNING) The following planning sheet is designed to help you plan to write a personal response to one of Paquette’s paintings. Complete all sections of both charts with as much detail as possible. Feel free to answer in point form on the charts. Submit the planning charts with your 1.3 Written Response, which must be a minimum of three paragraphs. Subject The image is a reflection of the Red Indian in the form of horses. This is so through the traditional markings and assortments that the horses use which were part of the Red Indians culture and tradition Focus The image focuses on cultural tradition, idea, and history of the Red Indians. The horses are a mark of heritage and culture. The image color contrast, shading and different position exhibited by the house help focus on the idea traditional and heritage values Framing The framing is cut to concentrate on the significant components of the image. The framing brings out the depth of the image for readers to understand and what they can relate with such as the horses and not the sun, which is framed out. Angle The image has a clear visual angle or the angular size that is easily captured by the audience. The angle used in the image brings a closer presentation of the image. Lighting The image takes dark and dull lighting to bring the historical touch in the image. The lighting tends to illuminate into the image rather than radiate from it. This is to give the image a low touch value to depict a shallow presentation that is caught in deeper meanings that need to be unraveled Colour and Contrast The image has a bright arrangement of light and dark color that are smoothly blended to create the historical presentation of the image. The blue background acts as a luminous for the image bringing the brighter side of the image creating excitement. Lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) The lines are more in a...
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