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Free Seven Grandfather Teachings Dissertation Example

The Seven Grandfather Teachings Name Institution The Seven Grandfather Teachings The picture is a beautiful representation of an artistic impression of the seven sacred grandfather teachings. The artist has employed the various styles in conveying the message. The image seems to be about the diversification of humanity with the main idea being the sacred principle of living as taught among the Achinnabe. The artist uses visual impression in a great way to communicate the message. The focus is on the seven donkeys which in my view represent the seven sacred principles of life. The scale of the donkeys relative to the overall size of the image is considerably big thus sending an important message. The seven donkeys are the center of attraction in the image and thus whatever they represent form the subject matter in the image. Space is two dimensional has been well handled. Moreover, an atmospheric perspective has been well used in the image. The brushstroke as depicted in the picture is tight. The edges of the paintings are well done distinguishing one object from another providing a good visual acuity. They do not in any way appear to merge with adjacent forms. In addition to that, the borderline is well done to transit from the real world into the artistic world. The picture is bright with the brown color being the dominant one throughout. The still emphasizes the Mother Nature from whence life springs. This painting must have been done to serve the purpose of emphasizing the great teachings of the sacred teachings. The one point perspective has been well employed in bringing out the desired message. The styles used in the art are superior and have, despite not being deep, brought out the message very well. ...
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