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Should I vaccinate my child? Name Institution Should I vaccinate my child? Vaccines have been shown through various studies to be the most effective way of disease control in the world. Vaccination has been considered one of the best methods of disease control because of the cheaper cost involved. However, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding the use of vaccines making the parents have a divided mind whether they should vaccinate their children or not. This paper will focus on the views on the importance of vaccination. First, vaccines are safe. Vaccines have been tested using various trials before it is acceptable for human use. The development of a vaccine is a complex process requiring various stages of experimentation starting from the use of micro-organisms, to small animals such as mice, to primates such as vervet monkey, and to human trials. Therefore, these stages are assessed for safety before the world’s population uses them. Vaccines have a protective effect on the bodies of children because their immune system is still developing. The vaccines will stimulate their immune system to fight the introduce pathogens. In the process memory antibodies are produced that will protect the child from any other similar infection in the future. The vaccines, therefore, have a long-term effect. Vaccines offer the protection to a child despite the belief that breast milk has enough antibodies to protect the child. The antibodies in the mother’s milk protect the children depending on the kind of disease and the mother’s previous cases of the disease exposure. Therefore, when a parent visits the vaccination center, such questions are asked before the vaccination is done to determine the need for the vaccination. In conclusion, vaccines are very important in disease prevention especially in children whose various body functions are still developing. Many scientific types of research proving the importance of vaccination has been done. T...
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