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Free Similarities between Books and Movies Dissertation Example

Similarities in movies and books Name Institution   Similarities in movies and books Movies and books are majorly used to develop stories and make them practical that learners can inculcate and absorb diligently. Books enable interested learners to get information as they read and link the writings to the real story developed by the writer. Movies fortify the understanding of the novel or stories produced by writers, and they portray the characters in the form of replica images that have similar personalities. There are many similarities between books and movies, such as entertainment, the relation between them, and improvement of knowledge. To start with stories when developed, they describe particular theme and storyline. When readers delve into books, they encounter the same stories as is in the movies and often similar lessons and information are passed to the audience. Books and movies are entertaining, and one can, use them as hobbies and adopt a phenomenon of using them even during their leisure time. If for example, a story encompasses the theme of love they as expressed in the book basing all the arguments in the writer’s concepts (Benedetti, 2016). Similarly, in the movies, you will often find that the same love story is developed and all images of characters and their behaviors single out the theme of love. The issue of respect is entertaining, and readers quickly inculcate to remain etched in the horizon of their memories for a long time. Apart from the same storyline also the characters in both books and movies share same attributes and behaviours. When for example in one story in the book a character is known to conflict contribution then the same is extended to the movies and cast often portray the same qualities (Benedetti, 2016). The attributes connected to the characters inculcate knowledge among the readers and to those who watch the movies. When learners develop a culture in reading and watching movies with educative t...
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