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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Abstract page Throughout our history, human beings have developed ways to make simple machines that would make work easier. The most common of these machines are the so-called “six simple machines”. They include the lever, wheel and axle, screw, pulley and lastly the wedge. In physics, work is defined as any force acting on an object when in motion, therefore, the simple machines help in making the work easier. All the simple machines mentioned have few or no moving parts hence making work easier. The main objective of this experiment is to understand the concept of a machine, how they work and efficiency. The experiment also targets to understand the working relationship between AMA and IMA. In this experiment, two simple machines were used. They are inclined plane and the pulley system. A machine is expected to give hundred percent results but from our experiment, the machines did not give that. The reason is that there were some errors in the process of setting up both the weight and the machine itself. Keywords: work, force, simple machines, efficiency, inclined plane, pulley system. Introduction A machine is said to be an object which translates effort into output force. Force is a vector meaning it has direction and magnitude. A force can be altered when its direction or magnitude or both are altered. For instance, a directional change of force is a pulley. The resistance weight is pulled up when the rope over the pulley is pulled down. Efficiency and mechanical advantage define correct uses for machines. The mechanical is advantage effort to the resistance ratio of a machine. One way to explore mechanical advantage is by actual mechanical advantage (AMA)-comparison of the work put in and the amount of work used. AMA=FoutFinAs energy is preserved, the input work is equivalent to the output force. Work is defined as force multiplied by...
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