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Free Social Construction of AIDS Dissertation Example

Social Construction of AIDS Student’s Name University Social Construction of AIDS Background of AIDS Epidemic and its Construction AIDS is a plague of critical magnitudes. AIDS is unambiguously tragic and complex, although such is still equivocal and ambiguous concerning the infection. The condition has formed innumerable distress and fabulous social misfortune. Besides, the figures are scary and further offer an overall feeling of the full consequences of the epidemic. The plague has infected hundreds of millions and killed more than 20 million people (Goldstein, Pretorius & Stuart, 2003). The daunting statistics permit an examination and exploration of the social, personal, and cultural discourses and experience linked to AIDS (Patterson & Keefe, 2008). It is proposed that how an individual conceives, understands, expresses, and makes implications of the world, emerges via discourse, interactions, and language that are conversational (Goldstein, Pretorius & Stuart, 2003). Consequently, perceptions, implications, knowledge, and understanding of the world are actively constructed, not predetermined. It is salient to mention that instead of naturally occurring, instances of language, meaning, and culture are the accomplishments of power in which specific reflections of the world are energetically approved, whereas others are dismissed and silenced. Language bestows a person with some understanding, series of knowledge, and meanings, which enable specific claims to be understood as compelling, reasonable, and honest whereas others are viewed as immature, absurd, and, to some extent, intimidating (Goldstein, Pretorius & Stuart, 2003). Thus, discourse allows and limits classes of personhood. Sequentially, it is via conversational techniques that an individual may arrive at self-knowledge, understanding, and experience. AIDS can be comprehended via its social construction that operates to shape both public and private experiences and response...
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