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Executive Summary “Stop the Meeting Madness” Summarized by Frequent meetings in an organization have been described as being stressful, reducing the concentration of participants. Meetings are tailored towards improving innovative and inventive ideas, thus enhancing creativity and productivity of an organization. There are several literary articles that have been written to address the meeting madness and its associated problems, but they have received a less positive response from organizations. However, to provide room for improvement within organizations so that the stakeholders in the meeting can concentrate and actively take part in deliberative meetings in their respective organizations, Perlow, Hadley, and Eun (2017, p. 64) propose the necessity to have a paradigm shift in the organization’s working system. They argue that meetings significantly influence collaboration among people in any organization and how they execute their duties conjointly; therefore, the meetings should uphold the essence of collaboration amongst the management and its workforce. Essentially, meetings preside over real-time benefits. A real-time benefit is realized through effective communication. The flow of information within the organization is made easier, thereby ensuring that only relevant and proper information reaches the target people in the organization. Wasteful meetings should be discouraged as they precipitate ineffectiveness and inefficiency among workers (Perlow, Hadley, & Eun, 2017, p. 65). Such meetings reduce the concept of deep work, a concept that is defined as one's ability to work continuously without distractions. Imperatively, the continuous holding of meetings at workplace reduces productivity as workers are constantly kept at the table discussing matters that would have been handled by management. In addition, companies incur significant financial burdens in carrying out meetings. For instance, Simone Kauffeld of Technische Universität Braun...
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