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Summary of counseling session one Name Institution Abstract This paper will contain a summary of a counseling session that covers the issue of time management. I I’m a student, and I have been finding it hard to manage my time well where at times I find it hard to accomplish the assignments given out by my instructor. At times I'm unable to create extra time for my studies because I find myself busy doing duties at a local charitable organization. However, I was privileged to attend a counseling session over the weekend whereby the counselor was very helpful in informing me about how I can manage my time efficiently to accomplish all the duties I have. The counselor adhered to professional requirements and put into practice several counseling theories that were successful in guiding me on tips of time management. Some of the skills learned about time management are; prioritization, be focused, planning and avoid procrastination. Keywords; Procrastination, counseling, time management Summary of counseling session one Procrastination is the act of postponing while counseling is assistance received from a professional especially to issue relating to personal problems. The counseling session that I attended lasted 30 minutes, and during this period I was able to learn how to manage my time both in the study and home life. At the beginning of the counseling session, we had a healthy interaction with the counselor, and it was of great help because it built a good rapport between us that enabled an effective communication throughout the session (McLeod, 2009). During that period of counseling, the counselor addressed ways by which I could adequately control procrastination which lead to loss of time. He relied on the cognitive behavioral therapy to come up with practical means by which I could handle procrastination. He suggested that I should create a prioritized to-do list and I should complete the task at hand quickly so that I will be able to handle any wo...
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