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Taking care of ourselves Name Institution Taking care of ourselves The healthy lifestyle is a result of healthy eating and weight management which depend on several factors that are involved. Family, income and tradition are some of the great influencers of healthy eating and weight management (Brannon, Feist, & Updegraff, 2013). In families, parents play a role in eating habits, attitudes towards eating healthy food and the activity patterns on what, where and when the family has to eat. Culture as well influences the food choice for people based on the religion, the social beliefs or the political situation. It is common to find some cultures forbid or prefer certain food. Individual preferences are another factor that plays a role in healthy eating and weight management (Brannon, Feist, & Updegraff, 2013). People have different likes and dislikes on what they eat or what they would like to eat depending on which food makes them feels good. Eating disorder, overeating and obesity are different eating problems. The eating disorder is seen as the disorder within the mind of a person that may result from the person adopting eating habits that are abnormal that negatively impact on his or her mental and physical health (Fairburn, & Harrison, 2003). On the other hand, overeating may relate to a person taking in much of the food than what the body needs about the level of energy expended (Sciencentral, 2008). Obesity medically is a condition where a lot of fat accumulates in the body and negatively affect the body of a person. Eating disorder leads to the brain problem causing mental incapacity while obesity and overeating lead to physical problems like overweight and oversize (Seeker, 2013). Unhealthy eating, weight, and exercise are the things that develop within a person and are influenced by different behaviors. Stress causes a person adopt poor eating habits, avoid taking in diet balance and is likely to have increased body mass index (Brannon...
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