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Free Teaching Assistants Dissertation Example

Data questionnaire Name of the course Professor Name of the institution City and State Date Questionnaire Topic: Teaching Assistants Perceptions of their role in a Primary School Instruction: you should answer the questions set below on this questionnaire with all the honesty. You are assured that your identity will remain confidential. How frequently do you teach a lesson? Very often Always Often Never sometimes How frequently do you attend classes to teach? Always Very often Often Sometimes Never As a teaching assistant have you ever missed a class? No Yes As a teaching assistant, have you're ever found students who cannot answer questions which were taught in class? Yes No As a teaching assistant in a primary school, do you think your role has had any impact? Yes No As a teaching assistant, how frequent do you meet with the parents or guardians of the students? Often Very often Never Sometimes Always Have you ever punished and student in the school for any wrongdoing? Yes No Have you ever provided any false information for not fulfilling your duties as a teaching assistant? Yes No How frequently do you give students continuous assessment tests? Often Very often Sometimes Always Never Are the teaching materials enough for you to execute your role as teaching assistant? No Yes How do you find your role as a teaching assistant in primary school? Is it positive? Explain why? Is it negative? Explain why? What will be your advice to those who want to be teaching assistants in future? References Groom, B. and Rose, R., 2005. Supporting the inclusion of pupils with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties in the primary school: the role of teaching assistants. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 5(1), pp.20-30. ...
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