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Child Care Professional Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Annotated Bibliography: Child Book Project Child book project is an activity that has relations to early childhood education. It has great significance for children with less than three years. Asquith, R. (2003). Babies, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers According to the book “Babies” by Ross Asquith, with illustrations from Sam Williams, it is merriment for one particular baby and all in general. Nevertheless, it characterizes little and big babies. It has a well-designed cover and back page with a mirror for a child to play with. The book has colored leaflets that entice children to peruse over. Kerr, J. (2002). Goodbye, Mog. HarperCollins Children's Books Besides that, the book “Goodbye Mog” has been written by Judith Kerr and illustrated by Collins; it has joyful stories about the family cat. However, the family cat Mog dies in the final story in the series. The front cover-page has a leaping Mog. In addition to that, there is an appealing great-mouse heaven in the skies. It has a lightweight for a young child to walk around with. Ormerod, J., & Gardiner, L. (2003) If You're Happy and You Know It!. Star Bright Books Moreover, the book, “If You Are Happy and You Know”, by Lindsay Gardiner and Jan Ormerod, Illustrated by OUP, has older but tiny children. It is related to a song usually sang by many children. Besides, the book has a well-designed cover page with a slim cartoon kid drawn on it. The book involves adults and has sounds to practice as one reads it. Tullet, H. (2002). Pink Lemon Milet Looking at the book, “Pink Lemon” by Herve Tullet, illustrated by Milet, it has a simple concept and lovely to handle. It is more of a color matching book. On the cover page, it has words “Pink Lemon” and a large rosy lemon. It has three blocks on the right-hand page. Willems, M., Willems, M., & Scie...
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