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Name Professor Course Date The Kid Film, Social and Aesthetic Perspective The Kid is a comedy film produced in 1921, and the main character is Charlie Chaplin featuring Jackie Coogan. Coogan stars as the son of Chaplin throughout the film (Chaplin 12). It is among the most celebrated films in the history of the silent film. It is preserved in the United States National Film Registry and regarded as a historical significance. On the other hand, the cameraman is a silent comedy film produced in the United States of America and features among others Keaton, Harold Goodwin and Marceline Day. The Cameraman was selected for preservation under the national film registry due to its cultural, aesthetic and historical significance. The two films were among the last silent films to be produced. Basing my arguments on the social and aesthetic perspectives, the kid is a historically significant film (Chaplin 13). The Kid delivers a message on poverty. The film was produced in the 1920s when the world was warming up for the great depression. The depression was due to an economic crisis leading to unemployment and thus widespread poverty (Korte, 124). The comedy gives the conditions people would undergo due to the hardships. The film explains the social situation at that period. The message is directly related to chaplain’s miserable life as his family lived in London. Chaplains family did not have a way of earning an income, and for this reason, Chaplin was forced to start working at age seven. Chaplain’s father died while his mother had a mental illness, as all these happened Charlie was just ten years old. Due to the two challenges, Charlie and his brother were forced to look food for themselves (Korte, 124). The story of the two brothers reflects what majority of the people were going through at that time. On the contrary, there are no elements of poverty in The Cameraman. The main character called Buster Keaton can afford to buy camera thou living a modest lif...
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