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Executive Summary Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1.0 Executive Summary The landscaper business is a type of lawn care service that normally targets sub-urban middle class businesses with large yards. For six months the business will have two employees that are the business owner and one additional employee. After a period of one year, Jack who happens to the business owner will purchase a vehicle, additional equipment and also hire three more workers to help with the day to day business activities. The business is further projected to reach profitability to a tune of $ 20000 after two successful years of operation. The business revenue activity will always occur from March to December. The business plan will also take into consideration how other issues like the sales forecast will affect its future growth. Objectives The business has outlined the following objectives for the first four years in operation; To successful build a service-based company whose primary task is to go beyond the clientele expectations To ensure maximum utilization of the landscaper business in at least 30 residential homes To build a sustainable home-based business that survives on its cash flow Mission The mission of this business is to ensure that it provides its customers with the best professional lawn care services. The company is in existence to ensure that it attracts and maintains new customers. Attracting new customers will enable the business to experience growth. By adhering to this, the business will be in a position to meet the customer demands and expectations. The company will also strive to ensure that the public gets the right information about the provision of its services to build customer loyalty. References Jewisnki J, (1990), How to Write an Executive Summary: Ontario: University of Ottawa Press ...
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