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The Legal Jurisdictions Name Professor Institutional Affiliation Date The Legal Jurisdictions The Jurisdiction to the Defense of Jones The case of Jones needs to be before the jury of the State district court to determine the verdict and dictate the degree of innocence. Jones has substantial evidence both on Thompson and Smith that can be used to facilitate an effective conviction. The state district court has chambers that facilitate an efficient jury for determining the truth and dispensing justice appropriately using proper representation. The case of Jones requires steadfast sentencing that will not jeopardize the overall ethics of the court and that will not show unfairness to the legal profession. The penalty of the case is a three years’ jail sentence if found guilty or an equal court charges of almost $200000. The jurisdiction of state district court has the stipulation of a rigorous litigation process to validate the degree of evidence and make Jones either innocent or guilty. Evidence in the court is substantiated by the inclusion of every witness that validates the legitimacy of Jones and facilitates effective legal consequence. It is in the court that the level of validation of cases through a rigorous requirement of evidence is facilitated (Caravelis et al., 2015). Ultimately, the level of innocence of Jones is facilitated, and the level of legal consideration pushed forward. The Jurisdiction on the Defense of Smith Smith fails to follow the effective legislation on the drug and substance trade that makes him on the verge of improper legal consideration. Consequently, his fair representation will be at the federal district court that will enhance the validation of the cases against him through an intensive consideration of evidence. Evidently, Smith falls short of heightened legal argument since he not only engages in illegal trade but also proves adamant to testify against his friend Jones. He not only provokes the evidence clause but a...
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