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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Class Name Date The Police in America1) Compare Problem Oriented Policing and Community Policing. Then give one real-life example of eachtype of policing! Community-oriented policing is an endeavor to mend the discord brought about by the invention of the patrol car. For an effective police department to exist, the polish must establish a good relationship with the members of the public. A community-oriented policy, therefore, is based on the relationship between the police and the people and its success is vested a positive relationship between the two. These relations can be created by way of school resource officers, neighborhood watch programs, and DARE. These serve to ensure that the public learns to trust the police. Aside from improving the level of trust between the police and the public, these activities help in solving a community problem. Improved relationships in the communities have aided in reducing the rate of crime and criminal activities and this, in turn, improves the quality of life. Community-oriented policies can also be viewed as a way of solving social disorders in the community. In community-oriented policing the problem faced is addressed but the crimes are not always solved. It concentrates on community relations rather than on the issues that lead to the crimes. An example includes the police patrolling communities on foot. Problem-oriented policing is also a philosophical reform endeavor undertaken to find out the issues that lead to criminal activities and social disorders in the community. The major concern of POP is to identify any factors in the community that stimulate or encourage crime and disorders. Fighting crime from its roots assures the community that their quality of life is improved, as long as there is the success of problem-oriented policing. POP differs from COP in that it identifies the cause of the problems and offers viable solutions that solve the problem. This process is...
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