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Free The three texts analysis Dissertation Example

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Learning Statement Introduction The three texts have different stories, which are interrelated. For example, the first text has two stories of America allowing political dissidents to burn the American flag whereas the Chinese government slaughters them, (Reinsford, 157). Generally, the three texts are all in support of people having to accept others who have different ideas from theirs. Having compassion and tolerance for others is an important quality of living with others. Hence, it is useful to check on how to handle other people first before proceeding to make decisions in life. The three articles challenge us, human beings on how to live in harmony while accepting others despite our differences. Body In the second article, humans are being challenged to view bats in a compassionate way. The author has a subtle approach since he is using the example of a bat to explain his point, (Atwood, 60). Bats are definitely different from human beings since they are different species. The other text on the goldfish has the main character finding people who have similar ideas to him. Essentially, the characters in the text are agreeing in opinions. There is sadness and regret being evoked by the story. One of the characters in the book, Sergei has tolerance for others in his approach to the situation, (“What, Of This Goldfish, Wold You Wish?” 2). He wishes to well for others as seen in his approach. Sergei has a sick sister and can only wish for her recovery. The character has many selfless beliefs. However, Sergei’s reluctance to set the goldfish free shows the way that he lacks compassion to “those different” from him. In this case, despite the selfless characters, Sergei lacks compassion for the goldfish. Conclusion In conclusion, the three literary works have a resounding message of compassionate towards others. After using his two wishes to assist others, Sergei is reluctant to use his third for the benefit of ...
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