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Name Tutor Subject Date Thematic Essay The theme of tradition in literature has been addressed by numerous writers and poets whereby they demonstrate how traditionalists attempt to search for their powers and customs despite the confrontation from modernists. The theme has mainly been explored by Chinua Achebe in the story "Marriage is a private affair" as well as the poem "Digging" by Seamus Heaney. In the two writings, Chinua Achebe and Seamus Heaney integrate the role of traditions in providing a sense of continuity and routine within the family. The two writers achieve this by illustrating how a change in customs influence a family by giving identity, teaching values, strengthening the family bond and adding to the seasonality of life as discussed in this essay. The story “Marriage is a private affair” describes the life a young man named Nnaemeka who falls in love with Nene. The two plan to marry but decide to seek approval from Nnaemeka’s father, Okeke. However, Nnaemeka is nervous as he anticipates his father to disapprove the marriage as Nene is not a member of the Ibo tribe. In the Ibo tribe, the father is entitled to choose the bride for his son. As anticipated, Okeke dismisses the marriage plan as he had picked a Christian bride and considers his son’s marriage plan to be a plot by the devil. Okeke’s reactions are aroused by the convictions that the father should choose a wife to his son and that they should not marry a woman from another tribe. On the other hand, the poem “Digging” reflects on Seamus Heaney’s working relationship with that of his father and grandfather. The digging arouses the memories of a young man watching and listening to his father as he digs in the potato garden. In the process, the young man recalls his grandfather digging through peat moss and how arduous the digging task was. Digging was a tradition in the speaker’s family. However, over the years, the practice had changed from using a spade to cultiva...
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