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Free Thomas Hobbes and Sophie De Grouchy Dissertation Example

Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Reflective Assignment on Thomas Hobbes and Sophie De Grouchy Philosophers are known to be among the most significant thinkers and empiricists when it comes to their views and opinions on an agenda. One thing they all have in common is that their thoughts and decisions on a particular subject are confidently unwavering. They usually hold on to their school of thought and mode of critical thinking with expansive and vital supports. However, their directions of view may either lead to agreeing or disagreeing with one another on a particular topic. In this excerpt, I will discuss how Thomas Hobbes and Sophie De Grouchy had different thoughts on the subject of governance and feminism regarding their philosophy. Thomas Hobble was among one of the most famous forward thinkers of the seventeenth century. Precisely, in his Social Contract Theory, he defines the boundaries of political principles justification. According to him, everyone lives in a state of constant fear, and it would thus be rational to live in a state of contract that would give dominance and power to one individual and therefore enable law and order without fear (Considering the position of women in western political thought 1-2). Moreover, among his positive thoughts, is the thought of gender equality. He believes that women and men are equal and that each gender has a fair chance of being dominant to another depending on individual skills and strengths. Moreover, he argues that women have dominion over children but can lose her dominion to the man by surrendering to his dominion. She voluntarily does so to receive protection (Considering the position of women in western political thought 1-2). He also says that the society is based on the people’s will and their social contract to be governed by an authority. Sophie De Grouchy was a renowned philosopher who was a feminist and advocated for feminist ethics. Her major concern was the application of the...
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