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It is not possible in any case to have a given organization where power is being shared equally. Every organization needs someone to be the head so as to make decisions. There has to be someone in the organization who should gather information and make versed decisions. The act is necessary to make the organization prosper. It is undeniable that there is the necessity of having an unequal distribution of power in the organizations. Every organization needs to have different levels of power. Reward power, for example, allows employees in an organization to have someone who can provide what they would like to have through motivation (Hersey et al., 146). There should be information power in the organization as well to allow access to information which is useful to organization's growth (Hersey et al., 147). The unequal distribution of power, therefore, helps an organization to grow regarding motivation through reward, getting of necessary information and interaction with other people like leaders through referent power. Behavior modification is usually used in an organization to promote a desirable behavior while eliminating the undesirable one. One of its pros is the focus on the positivity. Since it uses positive reinforcement, ethical behavior is being rewarded making individuals work towards achieving even more desirable one. It also enhances effectiveness and longevity. Through a process of spontaneous recovery, continuous modification improves the behavior leading to near-permanent positive effects. The cons, however, include the ineffectiveness of the application due to wrong use of techniques leading to failure of behavior modification. It has a narrow scope as well since behavior can only be positively reinforced. A negative reinforcement leads to violent behaviors. Engaging in the behavioral modification is usually considered to be ethical in the managerial behavior. Through reward power, rewards are positive reinforcements in an organization that lead...
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