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Visual Analysis Discussion Student’s name Institution affiliation Date Response A The building blocks of visual components in art are shape, color, texture, pattern, and form. An analysis of a drawing, a design, a painting or a sculpture involves the mentioned elements. From the picture, the images have started with drawing a line where the lines have crossed over each other to form different shapes. The shapes in the different have been filed with color and tone to create a pattern. Shapes are mixed with a rough surface that forms a texture and configurations have been presented in three dimensions to establish a form. The horizontal lines in the image suggest a distance and a situation of calmness by individuals in the picture living under the conditions portrayed. The wall is also painted in horizontal lines showing the strength and height of the situation. Artificial shapes in the image are circular in nature to demonstrate continuity in the life of the persons on the diagram. Color has been used efficiently to show the strength and emotional effect to the viewer. Color has been used deliberately to create a mood of isolation and simple living choices of the persons. The photographer has applied artificial patterns that are irregular and repetitive to emphasize the situation. Artificial models in art have been used to show structural and to decorate the drawing with the intended mood. More so, the patterns have created texture and tone across the image. A visible surface of the design is smooth, and it is encountered optically via sight. The visual composition has been used by the artist skillfully in the image to establish an illusion of the surface’ setting. Thus it shows the existence of reality in a person’s choices. Response B A person’s choice and actions affect the course of their lives and the people around them. From the image, the individuals portrayed have decided to live a simple life in a low-life environment of their choice. Maki...
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