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Title Name Institution Due date Why and when to lie In exodus 20:16, God commands human beings not to lie to or against their neighbors. With this in mind, every Christian will vehemently argue that lying in whatever case is always sinful and destructive. Notwithstanding, in our typical day to day life, we may lie at some point to save our friend`s and family`s feelings. From a personal standpoint, I value my friends` feelings, and I would go to any extent to make them feel better. Nevertheless, I lie when it is completely necessary. There are two distinct types of lying. The first one, considered constructive, is pro-social lying (white lie) while the second one, considered destructive, is antisocial lying. I would lie to protect a friend from physical harm and even death. For example, a friend running away from murderers, kidnappers or bullies runs into my room and asks me to tell anybody who comes looking for him that I have not seen him. I will lie in such scenario to protect my friend from harm. Secondly, I will lie to protect family members from psychosocial harm. Supposing my only sister gives birth to her firstborn son, who doesn't look so cute. I would pretend and tell her how cute her son is, in fact, the cutest in the whole world. Also, suppose a very close friend posts a photo on Facebook, the picture may not be so appealing to me, but since he is a close friend, I have to press the like button to prove I love the photo. Therapeutic lies are common especially when dealing with dementia patients. The affected patients may keep on insisting they want to talk to their spouse who died ten years ago, and you have to lie the spouse is not around, he/she went for a holiday. Besides, as a doctor, I may often lie to patients, ‘that all will be well' to protect the patient from emotional distress. Communication concepts Encoding and decoding of the information is a critical component of the communication process. I have been a victim of misinterp...
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