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Youth Suicide: Literature Review Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Statistics show that an individual normally dies after every 16 minutes intentionally through suicide across the globe hence one can’t deny that it is a societal anomaly (Ishaq & Shah, 2014). Literature reveals that the youth or the adolescents are the major victims of cases of suicide. The major concern is that these cases are on the rise hence the need to pay close attention to minimize its prevalence. Studies have identified risk factors and proposed interventions that can be helpful in preventing or managing psychological problems. Some of the risk factors include age, gender, marital status, and race. Interventions for a suicidal youth may include psycho-education of health professionals and adequate counseling among others. Becoming suicidal is a long process that normally stretches over the years contributed by various risk factors. It may include suicidal ideation, planning and finally attempting. The paper brings out a review of different articles or studies conducted on issues relating to youth suicide. Introduction Suicide may be defined as an intentional self-inflicted death. Today, it is prevailing as a common issue and a serious cause of mortality across the globe. It is normally considered a psychiatric problem which should not be overlooked because the prevalence in the society is on the rise. Different researchers have conducted various studies that relate to suicide. There have been controlled studies on suicidal behavior among the youth, suicide risk factors and psychological interventions among others subjects. An empirical study conducted on “Suicide ideation, Planning and attempts” reveals that suicidal behavior is a process in varied lengths that normally stretches over several years (Levinson et al., 2007). Suicidal ideations involve thoughts in a person’s mind as a result of certain problems and worthlessness, leading to prioritizing death as the best o...
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