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Free A Love poem Dissertation Example

Name: Institution’s Name: Course: Date: The following is a love poem featuring feelings of a young man and his vivid description of the beauty of one beautiful girl Anita, happening somewhere in central Africa in late 19th century. Anita Anita, the way her mother called, She is always cheerful and not cold, Her beauty resembles that of a peacock, She keeps me ticking like a clock, Sometimes I would wonder, If something would ever exist between us What if I gave her my smile? Would she give me back her smile? Run her tiny finger along mine, Bring close her cute forehead to mine, Turn around in a confused manner, And whisper something in my ears? What if I gave her my arms? I wondered whether she would give me her arms, Hold them tightly and gently, Feel the blood flow in them lovely, Let the veins and arteries speak for us, So that the rest is history, What if I surrendered my body to her? I wondered whether she would do the same to me, Wrap my entire body around her, To create one body with two souls in me, Render the confusion to the world around us, So that the rest is history, What if I gave her my whole heart? I wondered if she would give me hers, Because I knew it would not hurt, Just a little of what she has, Will make us shine in romance forever, So that the rest is history What if she knew I am thinking about her? What if she knew what I feel for her? What if she gives my feelings a consideration? I will definitely proceed with moderation, Feeling on top and more comfortable and, The rest will be history Wok Cited Blasing, Mutlu K (2006). Lyric Poetry: The Pain and the Pleasure of Words. Princeton University Press. ...
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