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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission Project Three: Literature Review Introduction There is a salient depiction that instilment of mathematical knowledge is dependent on the particular teaching strategies. Different researchers have written about the varied ways through students grasp mathematical skills. In fact, some teachers utilize algebraic expressions as a strategy to teach mathematics. The idea(s) is, however, supplemented by cases that show a relationship between nurture and mathematical knowledge. Terence Tao is representative of all the individuals who acquire mathematical skills through upbringing. Analysing and synthesizing material(s) from each of these eight articles works toward creating this literature review. There will be an exploration of the overall fostering of mathematical knowledge in children, different teaching strategies, the role(s) of nurture in acquiring mathematical skills, algebra's place in the acquisition of mathematical knowledge and teachers and the research process. Mathematical Knowledge in Children Various researchers understand the predicament(s) of conditioning in shaping the life of an adult through childhood development. According to Clements (1984), the biography of Terence Tao was a salient representation of mathematical development (Clements, 1984, p.213). The author detailed this information from his point of view; enlightening his readers about the acquisition of mathematical knowledge in childhood. Tao was exposed to mathematics and related concepts at an early age, and this made it easier for Clements (1984) to acquire enough information (Clements, 1984, p. 213-214). Furthermore, other authors such as Bahr and Bahr (2017) accentuated the idea(s) of instilling mathematical skills in children because they are better placed at ‘growing' into the field of math (Bahr, 2017, p. 350). The role(s) of children in the acquisition of mathematical knowledge was also extrapolated in Wicks...
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